Monday, January 31, 2011

Indonesian Tradisional CupCake a.k.a Kue Mangkok

Yaaaaaaayyy.. finally made it!!!..
i love Kue Mangkok since i was a kid. Today i experiment with my maid's old recipe that she always make every year to greet the Ramadhan. Actually i intended to try 1 of the recipe from internet, but.. hey..she always makes this Kue Mangkok every year!! so... i've better start with her though... hahahaha..

and u know what.. her recipe is sooo simple.. and the method she used was so easy, compare those from the internet. so.. i think.. anyone could try this recipe for your 1st trial.
and beyond my expectation... my kids looveee it!! hahahaha...
so.. thanks mbak dyah for this lovely recipe u've gave me... :)


½ kg rice flour + 1 tsp baking powder

¼ kg fermented cassava (a.k.a tape)

½ kg sugar (u can reduce it if too sweet)

600 ml coconut milk

295 ml sweet soda ( I use 1 bottle of sprite)

Put rice flour, fermented cassava, and sugar in a bowl, and stir until combined.

While stiring the mixture, add coconut milk by batch.

Add the soda and stir slowly until all the ingredients mix evenly, and get the right consistency.

Let the mixture rest for about 30minutes, then steam.

How to steam:

Bring water to boil in a steamer.

Put all the cup (in Indonesia, we call it “cucing”) into the steamer just until hot.

Fill the cup with the batter until full (reach the edge of the cup).

Wrap the lid with dry cloth to avoid water drop onto the cake.

Steam for about 20-25 minutes. Don't open the lid until 20 minutes.

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ekstrak kulit manggis said...

OMG,finally I found that.In here,thats called APEM

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