Monday, May 3, 2010

Sambal Lado Padang (Sambel Ijo)

I think this is authentic from Padang (Indonesia) that their sambal has green color, which came from the green chili. Here's the recipe that i believe is the best so far. .. Thanks to the owner for sharing this amazing & simple recipe..

Ingredients :
1 bag jalapeno (I bought in farmer market $1/bag, hehehe)
4 cherry tomato green
2 med shallots
ikan teri

Steam the jalapenos, tomatoes, and shallots.
Chop in food processor all the ingredients (that already steamed).
fry the "ikan teri" with a little but of oil, drain, and set aside.
In a same pan, add the mixture from Food Processor.
Turn off the heat, put the jalapenos on the plate, add lemon/lime, topped with "ikan teri".

U can grab from the original one in this S I T E


sigit said...

Hi.. Mba' Yana
I've been reading your article for some time now.. LOL

I'm also Indonesian
currently stationed in Kahuku (north shore) turtle bay

yo opo iki carane masak...
sambel ku tabasko terus mules rek
mbo' ya di traktir kapan2..

Orek-orek'an ku said...

hai sigit, tinggal di NS dah lama? bnyk org indo jg kan disana,dan mereka jg suka pul-kumpul kok. dsini sering kok acara pul-kumpul and pesta indo food :)

jakarta pray time

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