Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Telur Bumbu Kuning

This is traditional recipe from my mom, i always like when my mom made this eggs, combine with other course bcome Lontong Cap Gomeh..

10 eggs
300 ml light coconut milk (1 can 165 ml + water )
2 red chili pepper, slice
lemongrass, mashed
key lime leaves, ripped
6 scallions, slice
bit of shrimp paste ( optional )

Grind/mashed all this ingredients :
5 garlic
8 shallots
2 cm tumeric
2 cm ginger
2 cm moulu powder (kunci)

Saute all the mashed ingredients together with chili pepper, lemongrass, key lime leaves. Cook about 5 minute until smells good come out from the herbs.
Add the scallions, cook for 3 minute.
Add the light coconut milk, bring to boil.
Add the eggs and give a bit of shrimp paste.

Sambel Goreng Udang Telur Puyuh

This meal suit for the "Nasi Kuning" or "Nasi Uduk" or just eat with warm rice. U can hit in this NCC site to view the original recipe.

Chicken Pot Pie

This kind a new meal for my family, but suddenly bcome favorite for all season.. topped with Homemade Puff Pastry. In Indonesia tihs looks like Zupa Soup in OhLaLa cafe or any other restaurant. But.. trust me.. this is even better :)

Go to Food Network and u'll find many kind of them that so delicious and satisfied your appetite.

Lontong Sayur

Got "tahu pong" from my friend.. put the idea in my pan for.. Lontong Sayuuurrr..

I use the Lodeh recipe, my fave Lodeh recipe with black tiger shrimp add special taste in the soup.

Chicken Buffalo Wings with Chipotle Sauce

Recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay, i grab from the Food Network (Throwdown with Bobby Flay) and a little bit modification by me as usual.. like.. i don't use wine in my food, so.. i skip it and change with broth or stock :)

Serve with Blue Cheese dressing , make this wings so tempting.

Lontong Cap Gomeh

Happy Ied Ramadhan 1430H, Sept 20 2009, for all my families and friends in Indonesia and Hawaii.. This year Ied, i made Lontong Cap Gomeh again.. just like last year.. add with Black Tiger Shrimp from David Elisa. The crews are : Lontong (rice cake), Sambal goreng udang, Lodeh Rebung, Telur Kuning, Ayam Goreng bumbu Kuning, Kelapa bumbu, plus.. Poyah Kedelai.

Ayam Bakar Ganthari

Yuuuhuu.. who ever been hang out at the corner of Bulungan Street, at Jakarta, to eat Ayam Bakar Bulungan??? soooo..sooo.. yuummyyy... the last time i ate this was 7 years ago.. ooh..gosshh..

i really.. really! excited when i tried this new recipe.. and.. coz it needs so many works and detail.. but .. u know what, all the hard work was paid off!!... yuuummmm...yuuummm..

thanks to the owner of this great recipe.. the sambal is awsome!!

Nasi Goreng Teri Medan - Fried Rice with SaltedFish

Inspired by Julie Huang, friend of mine from Pontianak Indonesia. One day, she made this for my kids.. owwwhh... kids love it very much. So at home, i try to made by my own.. almost similar with hers except i add a little bit soy sauce (kecap asin) on it.

Salted Fish, fry separately with high-med heat, medium oil
carrot, diced
green beans, diced
eggs, fry separately
garlic, chopped
soy sauce
Saute the garlic, add the veggies, cook until tender.
Put the rice into pan, add fish and eggs, stir all together.
Seasoned with soy sauce ang hint oh sugar, taste it. Cook for another 2 minute.
Turn off the heat. Serve.

Soto Lamongan

This is my couple # making this Soto Lamongan.. it becomes even better than before.. fresh & tasty. Everytime eat this, always remember my beloved Father.. may u rest in peace dad, love u very much.. everything different without u :( .. i miss u a lot ..

Terang Bulan a.k.a Martabak Manis

Nang suroboyo & Malang, disebut Terang Bulan. Mbuh asal muasal e teko endi boso iku, pokok e mari mangan TerBul (Terang Bulan) moto lngs teraaanngg se indah bulan, wakakakakakk..

Iling jaman kuliah, bengi2 sepeda motoran ambek konco2 golek panganan iki nang panjangjiwo suroboyo, TerBul Pisang Keju.. whooaaaa... uenak eee.. mbalik kampus maneh gawe nggarap skripsi, akhir e yooo keturon.. lha wong kewareken, hahahahaha...

Resep copas teko mbak Esther Abu Dhabi, suwun nggih mbak, sampun dipun cobi, topp markotoppp mbak..:)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Burger Steak with Fettuccine Alfredo

I still have leftover Burger from yesterday, so i combine now with BBQ mushroom gravy, and... made Fettuccine Alfredo to eat with. This meal become hit in my family and friends. From scratch turns out scrumtious meal .. Bon Apetite !

Catfish fried Steak with Mac n Cheese

I was inspired by Sunny Anderson and Rachael Ray from Food Network, to make the steak with stuffing, which is i choose Mac n Cheese. Kids love this crispy steak, and the gravy made from the fat and stock of the steak, add with some mushroom, and... no body move from the chair!

Neely's Burger

Recipe courtesy of Neely's from Food Network. This is my 1st trial and turns soo yummmyy.. everybody loves it, will made it again next time.

Grab the original recipe from Food Network official web site.

Sayur Asem

Finallyy... i made this soup.. traditional javanesse soup.. so light, fresh, sour.. and delicious ones! I'll put the original recipe next time.

Peanut Butter Slice Cake

Using cake mix from Betty Crocker, and combine with homemade peanut butter frosting.

Seafood Spaghetti

This recipe courtesy of Giada de Laurentiis from Food Network. My hubsy love this so much.. a little bit modification from me to attempt my hubsy taste (of eastern.. very far away village in Indonesia, hahaha).

U could hit the original recipe from Food Network official web site.

Saute Tofu Shrimp with Mushroom

I got this recipe from NCC. So yummy.. looks like Tofu Sapo, but less thicker and rich in spice. I think it's like collaborate between Chinese food and Indonesia food. Eat with warm rice make u so difficult to stand up from the dining chair...hahaha...

Spicy Shrimp

The story begin when we dine in at Giovanni Shrimp at Kahuku, North Shore. Then my hubsy tried to make by his own, combine with eastern taste. Now this meal become our family recipe and favorite one.

Steamed Potato Broccoli with Cheese

I give this food everytime my kids get bleeding in their nose. The extreme changing on climate caused bleeding in her nose, and.. doctor said they sould consume steamed/boiled potato. Sooo.. i made this meal for them.. glad that they like it !


Another traditional Indonesian appetizer, ooohh.. i love this food a lot!!
i'll complete the recipe next time.


This time, i made Combro (Oncom di jero) , i don't know what in english though.. hihihi, but anyway... this combro is different than usual one b'coz i fill the combro with "Tuna Pampis", a traditional North Sulawesi Food.

"Tuna Pampis"

Ingredients :
1 can Chunk Tuna
5 key lime leaves
1 lemongrass
2 garlic, nicely chopped
4 shallots, nicely chopped
2 hot chilli pepper
1 tsp fresh ginger

Put oil into the pan and set the heat into med-high. Add garlic, shallots, chilli, ginger, and lemograss. Saute all the ingredients until tender (chilli change the color, or smells nice).
Add the fish, give salt sugar, and stir all together. Cook for couple minute and keep stiring, until mixture become dry.
Set Aside.


1 lb Cassava grated (frozen package)
75 gr potato, steamed, and mashed
2 scallions, thinly sliced
garlic powder

Mix all the ingredients together.
Shape the mixture into ball, make a shallow in the center, fill with the Tuna Pampis.
Close the filling with the cassava mixture. Rolling the mixture until hard enough to hold.
Fried in hot oil until the color turn golden .


This is my 1st trial lasagna, turn tasty and good, so far... before find new&better one, well... i like this so much, hihihi...

i truthly forgot where i got the recipe, as i remember... that.. the bolognaise made from old recipe from my mom, simply easy...

For bolognaise sauce :
minced beef
onion, chop
garlic, chop
tomato sauce
hot sauce

Saute the garlic & union till soft, add the beef, cook until the beef well done.
Add the salt pepper, tomato sauce, and hot sauce.
u could combine with adding red and yellow bell pepper ..

Put the pasta into the boiled water, cook until aldente.
Organize the pasta on the bottom of your baking dish, then add with bolognaise sauce, then cheese (whatever u want to use), then pasta --> sauce --> cheese --> pasta --> sauce --> cheese, and... sprinkle with mozarella cheese on top.

Bake on 350F for 14-20 minute until cheese melted.

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