Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sate Daging Bumbu Rujak - Spicy Beef Satay - حار ساتيه لحم

My mom own this recipe from her mother... or... mm.. her grandmother... dunno for sure :)
it just always bcome our family favorite meal since the beginning. Weather u use stick or not, still delicious when u eat with hot rice.

beef meat, medium dice cut.
coconut milk santan
bay leaves salam
galangal, crushed laos

In Food Processor :
red chilli pepper
candlenuts kemiri
tamarind asem
dried shrimp paste terasi
salt pepper garam merica

Heat the oil in a pan, saute the spices that already smooth in Food Processor.
Add galangal & bay leaves, cook until fragrant.
Add the beef, coconut milk, and salt pepper. Cook all together until beef bcome tender and the coconut milk dried up.
arrange dice meat into the satay sticks.
and Grill it!

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